How to install the FS21 Sensor?

⚠️ We often see the steps below are not always properly followed during the initial setup. Make sure you do to ensure proper operation.

  1. Open the device by unscrewing the ring
  2. Install device antenna
  3. Plug in USB-C charging cable (1.5 ampere chargers preferred)
    1. Make sure the room temperature is not above 40 degrees Celsius (charge protection)
  4. Turn on the device by holding the button for approx 5 seconds
  5. Wait for green LED, do not release earlier
    1. It can take up-to 6 hours before the first platform readings are visible
    2. If you don’t see the sensor in the platform yet, scan the QR code
      1. Use the QR scan functionality from the camera on your phone
      2. Use the Farm21 app, which has a build in QR code scanner
  6. Wait for 12 hours
  7. Assemble device again
  8. Go to the field and scan QR code with Farm21 app or another QR code scanner on your phone
    1. Usually the native camera app support scanning QR codes as well