Farm21’s affordable sensors can capture up to 10x more data than others on the market.

Our proprietary in-field soil probes capture critical agri-data, so you can have an in-depth understanding of your crops and fields.


FS21 Features

Developed over the last 4 years, the FS21 is one of the most advanced smart farming tools. A zero-maintenance, affordable and easy-to-install device makes massive deployments possible.

Designed, built, calibrated and assembled in The Netherlands.

Cutting-edge precision farming tech at a price to support massive deployments. More data. More insights. Better decisions.

  • Measures air temperature, air humidity, soil moisture (-10, -20 and -30cm) and soil temperature (-10, -20cm)
  • Global connectivity with NB-IoT, LTE-M and 2G (sim included)
  • Battery lasts 1 year, charge with USB-C
  • Installed in 30 seconds
  • Up to 8 times more affordable, just 295 euro per device

Installation in 30 seconds

Unbox. Charge. Deploy. It really is as easy as that.

Farm21’s Sensor Advantages

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Take Action

Treat, spray & irrigate crops with sensors in place

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Long Lasting

Recharge battery with USB-C and lasting a full year on a single charge

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Measures right under the crop canopy for actual crop climate

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LTE-M & 2G connectivity for easy deployment

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5 to 10 times more affordable than any competing device

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API Integration

Instead of using our platform, integrate your own through the API

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Easy Installation

Factory calibrated, done in 30 seconds

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Modular Design

Our sensors support 
other modules or third-party sensors

Easy to use.

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The most competitive data-driven precision farming tool on the market, our FS11 package includes 6 sensors and one device.

Powered by replaceable battery, sensors measure all year round, removed only for harvesting.

​The FS11 is only available in the Netherlands because of LoRaWAN limitations (Buy at Distributor)

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FS11 Features

  • Soil moisture sensors at depths 0-10cm, 10-20cm and 20-30cm
  • Top layer soil temperature at 10 cm
  • Air temperature & humidity
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wireless data transmission with LoRA
How it works

Your data on the go with the Farm21 mobile app for Android and iOS

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Easy to install

01. Create a Farm21′ account

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Create your FREE account at app.farm21
Buy the Farm21 sensors on the webshop

02. Scan sensors’ QR code

Scan QR

Scan the QR code on the sensor with your smartphone, use the Farm21 app or your mobile phone’s default QR reader.

03. Install the sensors in your field

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Use the Farm21 metal pin supplied to prepare the soil, remove and replace with the sensor – the depth indicator shows how far. The sensor’s now ready to start sending data to the Farm21 platform.

Who benefits?

Our affordable sensors keep farmers, crop advisors, agronomists and researchers fully informed, with consistent, reliable data. Reducing labour, time, cost and inefficiencies while simultaneously improving yield and productivity.


Who can benefit?

Crop advisors & Agronomists
  • Help clients achieve higher yields and lower in-put costs
  • Respond quicker and with an up-to-date overview of multiple fields
  • Be the growers most valuable asset on the farm
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Agriculture Researchers
  • Access to sensor, weather, satellite and scouting data
  • Reliable, affordable and regular data-stream
  • Identify data trends to support in-depth research
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  • Grow sustainably by only using the resources where and when
  • Increase yields by preventing unnecessary crop stress
  • Early detection of negative crop conditions
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Distributors & Co-ops
  • Help clients achieve higher yields and lower costs
  • Respond quicker and with an up-to-date overview of multiple fields
  • Be the farmer’s most valuable asset
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  • Access to sensor, weather, satellite and scouting data
  • Reliable, affordable and regular data-stream
  • Identify data trends to support research
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Our data-driven insights mean cutting costs; using information to become more efficient and targeted with resources like water, crop protection, fertiliser, fuel, and labour.