Our company’s mission is to enable growers to farm with pinpoint-accuracy and accelerate the transition to sustainable agriculture that must feed the world.

A bit about us

Passionate about the positive impact tech can have in creating sustainable worldwide crop production, we’re an unusual mix of agricultural data analysts, software veterans, industrial hardware designers and market specialists.

We are working together with one common goal to give farmers access to affordable, accurate reporting in one digital platform, informed by cost-effective sensors in the fields. Enabling better decisions informed by meaningful real-time insights.

Combining our extensive knowledge of hardware, software and agriculture

We work closely with growers and their advisors, listening to feedback, hearing what information is of most value to them, their challenges; lack of connectivity, cumbersome platforms and tricky to interpret data.

We used all these insights to develop an easy-to-use platform and super simple-to-interpret data.



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Chief Executive Officer

Thomas holds a master’s degree in user-centered product design and has worked in the startup space since 2014. He focuses on developing concepts that strive for efficiency and sustainability while keeping the end user involved throughout the process. Thomas is also the office badminton champion. 

Country of Origin: The Netherlands

Partner & Technical lead

Joey is a certified Laravel developer with years of experience. He believes in looking at the bigger picture when it comes to software development. Joey is committed to creating integrated digital ecosystems with long-term benefits. He’s the proud dog dad to Mio, the office mascot.

Country of Origin: The Netherlands

Head of Platform

Koen has a master’s degree in management consulting and a bachelor’s degree in business administration. His extensive experience allows him to create user-centered digital experiences. He leads Farm21’s platform development and is the runner-up office badminton champion.

Country of Origin: The Netherlands

Chief Commercial Officer

Bas has been in the software industry for over 15 years. With extensive experience as a product owner, product manager, CCO, and scrum master, he helps to turn concepts into efficient, tangible products. You’ll find him traveling to a remote part of the world when he is not working.

Country of Origin: The Netherlands

Our Mission

To use technology to create a world where arable farming is executed in an efficient and sustainable way.


Farm21 was a project under the wing of software agency 7Lab


Farm21 started as a separate business


Launched our FS11 LoRa sensor


Sold over 4500 sensors


Secured 1.3 million investment from two large farming cooperatives to grow the business and team


Scaling the team from 6 to 25 employees. Release of our new FS21 sensor after 2 years of R&D.


Launched our water management page. Expanded activities to 23 countries.

Growers, crop advisors and researchers love us