Every inch of your field is rich in meaningful data.

Data that can be translated into insights you can use to manage day-to-day farming in the most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective way.

Pinpoint accurate farming

Farm21 gives you access to more data than ever before, providing pinpoint-accurate insights that combine data from our proprietary low-cost sensors, weather, scouting, and satellites.

Helping farmers, crop advisors and agricultural researchers to increase yields, save resources, grow more sustainable or validate trials.

Easy-to-interpret Data

Insights you can actually use in your day-to-day operations. Get a 360-degree view of your fields and crops. 


Start making better decisions about irrigation, disease prevention, workforce priorities and more.

Dashboard: brings all your agri-data together

A central hub for all your farming data. Bringing scouting, weather, satellite, crop and sensor information together.

Our platform provides the insights you need for better control, effective cost management and higher yields.

Low-cost measurement devices to deploy at scale

Farm21 sensors measure the most critical values in your fields. They are affordable, robust and easy to install. Delivering up to 10x more insights than ever before.

Measuring up to 7 values with the default configuration, the FS21 provides the most bang for buck on the market.


Designed from scratch by our product and hardware engineers for global operation and to withstand the harsh outdoor environment.

Farm21's Sensor Advantages

Treat, spray & irrigate crops with sensors in place

Recharge battery with USB-C. Lasting a full year on a single charge

Measures right under the crop canopy to measure actual crop climate

LTE-M & 2G connectivity for easy deployments

5 to 10 times more affordable than any competing device

Instead of using our platform, integrate your own through the API

Easy installation: factory calibrated and 30-second installation 

Modular: supports other modules like solar panel or third-party sensors

Spot problems before they happen.

Act with the right priority.

Prevent crop stress.

Be on every field, all the time.

Achieve higher yields

Maintain optimal growing conditions, whatever the crop, season, climate, or soil conditions.

With Farm21 you can...

Maintain sustainable growth

Make super-localised decisions about insects, fungi, water, cultivation as well as planning of labour and resources.

With Farm21 you can...

Determine exactly what, how much and where your actions are needed. Never use more than required.

Save costs and the environment by using precision farming techniques instead of a "shotgun" approach.

Proactive not reactive

Receive warnings about crucial trends and data insights to get your priorities straight.

With Farm21 you can...

Receive proactive warnings

Trigger warnings based on your (crop advisors') thresholds

Reduce labor and traveltime for remote plots by prioritizing the most important fields. 

Save time

Quickly determine which actions are needed on a day-to-day basis and where to deploy your workforce most effectively.

With Farm21 you can...

Gain a quick glance of your fields, no matter how far they are.

Immediately see which fields need your attention first. 

Cut resource and 
labour costs

Deploy and use your resources only where they are needed.

With Farm21 you can...

Save on crop protection, water and fuel usage.

Cut labour costs by setting the right priorities.

Hunch-free decisions

Support your research with the consistent data gathered by the Farm21 platform and sensors. Deploy our monitoring tools globally without a sweat.

With Farm21 you can...

A clear picture of what is really going on in an area.

Automatically gather consistent data to back up your field trial conclusions.

Discover the root cause of problems that arrive at the end of the season to prevent it next time.

Easily benchmark performance season over season

Cut costs & see a speedy ROI

Our data-driven insights enable farmers to optimize their farming practices, thereby cutting costs; using information to become more efficient and targeted with water, crop protection, fertiliser, fuel and labour.

For example: reduce the area and number of times the farmer sprays crop protection, whilst optimising costs AND maintaining optimal growing conditions.

Cutting back on wasted resources and cost.

Get started today

Get your own Farm21 sensors to start measuring your field conditions right away or chat with us for more info.

Curious what precision farming can do for you?

Agriculture Researchers

Access to sensor, weather, satellite and scouting data

Reliable, affordable and regular data-stream

Identify data trends to support research


Easily integrate our hardware into your software with our API

One reliable source for all your sensor information

Minimise hardware support, certification and R&D efforts

Wholesalers & suppliers

Provide a tool your clients need to better use the other products you sell

Offer the latest technology

Expand your offering beyond the traditional


Maintain sustainable practice

Improve efficiency

Cut unnecessary spend

Crop Advisors & Agronomists

Help clients achieve higher yields & cut costs

Respond quicker and keep an overview

Be the farmers most valuable asset

Who needs insights

By listening to farmers, advisors, researchers and analysts we devised a technology ecosystem that brings decision-making to those who need it most. By designing affordable in-the-field sensors, we can supply 10x more data than any other provider

Growers, crop advisors and researchers love us

Critical data collected for you 24/7


Network of low-cost sensors in your fields

Field scouting

Digital journal of your fields


Insights to monitor large-area's


Enriched with public weather data