In depth articles about precision farming and the latest news about Farm21.

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Farm21: Our Mission

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Last month at our team strategy day, our CEO Thomas Houwers presented Farm21’s plan for the future. We would like to share this plan with you. We certainly became bigger…
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Platform update: Fields view #JAN2022

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One of the most exciting features in our latest release is the new ‘Fields View’. With this, you can see all of your fields at a glance, draw and edit…
End of season

End of season maintenance

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In this article, we will guide you through 6 simple steps to restore and prepare your Farm21 sensors at the end of the season. For a farmer, the end of…
What Is the Best Soil Moisture Sensor?

Farm21’s new platform features #DEC 2021

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Over 1.2 million euros was invested in Farm21, which made us work even harder on the platform and get it ready for the new developers that will join us soon….
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Over 1.2 million euros invested in Farm21

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Knowledge is data. Data is therefore becoming increasingly important in agricultural business operations. It allows farmers to develop their business in a focused way, which in turn allows for greater…
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Free scouting app

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We just launched our 100% free scouting app. The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play for every grower, crop consultant or agronomist. Scouting data, the…