Farm21’s new platform features #DEC 2021

Over 1.2 million euros was invested in Farm21, which made us work even harder on the platform and get it ready for the new developers that will join us soon. So, what have we done in the last few months?

Better graph customization

Did you know that you can customize your dashboard? Yes, yes, yes! Most of what you see is graphs, so we added features that allow you to specify the data you need. You can organize the graphs by soil depths and change the chart type to Line/Area/Bar.

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New widgets

As you already know, you can customize the Farm21 dashboard. This means you can add the widgets that you find most helpful. To accomplish that, you can click ‘Edit dashboard’ on your dashboard page and then ‘add widget’. A new update allows you to see a preview of each widget, so you can choose which one works best for you.

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Much faster

In these last few months, we have worked on changing the platform to a ‘single page application,’. You will be happy to know that means a much faster platform. We expect to add more developers soon, so we’ve made the platform cleaner and worked on fixing bugs.

And coming soon…

It’s still a secret, but we are working on something fascinating that will really change the way you see your fields. Stay tuned.

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