Free scouting app

We just launched our 100% free scouting app. The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play for every grower, crop consultant or agronomist.

Scouting data, the missing link

Since Farm21 started, high data density condition monitoring was a first step towards automatic personalized crop advice. We still believe this forms the foundation to achieve the right data density needed and more accurately know what is going on in the fields. However, until now, there was little to no context to these measurements. If we wanted to give crop advice, we would have had to use outdated research-driven crop models to warn our users about potential risks for their crops. Furthermore, these research-driven models often do not consider the individual situation of a grower and therefore give inaccurate conclusions.

This is why we decided to create the scouting app. It will not only be a tool where our users can track what is happening to their crops, but it will also provide the data needed to verify what is happening in the field when certain conditions are met.

Download our app here

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What you can do with the scouting app

  1. Log a growth, disease, weeds, insect or water report to keep track of your crops during the season and for later reference
  2. Attach a photo to your report for later reference
  3. Share scouting data between crop consultants/agronomists and growers
  4. Enter a score for every report (BBCH scale or severity index) to quantify your reports
  5. For Farm21 customers: correlate your scouting data with sensor condition measurements

All scouting reports are available in the online environment too. We map them on location and date, creating a timeline of all activities in your fields.

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Enrich condition monitoring with scouting data

Farm21 was already disrupting the market with the most affordable sensors for growers out there. On average, the FS11 sensor is 10 to 30 times more affordable than the competition. Because our sensor is so affordable, growers can afford more data points in their fields and gain the best insights. Gathering data with multiple measurement points reduces the risk of errors and balances the differences in local soil conditions.

By providing a free scouting app for growers and consultants, Farm21 allows its users to not only have a historic track record of what’s happening in the field but also to “label” condition data. It allows you to answer questions like:

  • When do I have the highest chance for certain problems in my crops and why?
  • How fast do my crops grow and why?

The future: automatic pattern discovery

We work towards a system where these “hidden” patterns in the condition measurements and scouting data can be automatically discovered. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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