Our Solution

A digital platform for growers, crop advisors and researchers that brings together sensor, satellite, weather and scouting data

Platform features

REST API to integrate with other platforms

Combines multiple critical data sources into a single platform

Build your own data dashboard

Share data with other users for free

Deep dive into your data with graphs and widgets

Automatic warnings (virtual assistant)

In-depth analysis

Discover trends, correlations, and risks to make better irrigation, fertilization, protection, sowing or harvesting decisions

Dive into the data by configuring your own unique dashboard, specific for your crops.


Optionally share data with stakeholders like crop advisors or suppliers to optimize accross the supply chain.

Real time insights streamed straight to your smartphone.

Maintain optimal growing conditions, whatever the crop, season or soil conditions

Farm21 Solution

A quick glance at your fields

Receive alerts in real time

Create, store, analyse and share scouting data easily

FREE app for growers and crop consultants

How we compare

Farm smarter

Key advantages



Single datasource

Need to install another app

Hardware focused

Not possible to share data or pay extra

Pay extra

Data collected from our proprietary low-cost sensors, scouting, satellite, weather, fields

Configure your own alerts

Web and mobile app

API to integrate with your own platform

Unlimited users for free

Free scouting app and satellite imagery

Easy to use interface

Phone, mail and chat support included

FREE Ultimate Guide to Precision Farming

Agriculture Researchers

Access to sensor, weather, satellite and scouting data

Reliable, affordable and regular data-stream

Identify data trends to support research


Easily integrate our hardware into your software with our API

One reliable source for all your sensor information

Minimise hardware support, certification and R&D efforts

Wholesalers & suppliers

Provide a tool your clients need to better use the other products you sell

Offer the latest technology

Expand your offering beyond the traditional solutions


Grow sustainably

Improve efficiency

Cut unnecessary spend

Crop Advisors & Agronomists

Help clients achieve higher yields and lower costs

Respond quicker and with an up-to-date overview of fields

Be the farmers most valuable asset

Who needs insights

By listening to farmers, advisors, researchers and analysts we devised a technology ecosystem that brings decision-making to those who need it most. By designing affordable in-the-field sensors, we can supply 10x more data than any other provider.

Critical data collected for you 24/7


Network of low-cost sensors in your fields

Field scouting

Digital journal of your fields


Insights to monitor large-area's


Enriched with public weather data


Type and texture of soil you grow in


Cultivation plans and overview

Platform overview

The Farm21 platform pools all those field insights you wish you had consistent and up-to-date access to, from sensors, the soil, crops, weather, and satellites.

A bird's-eye view on all your fields. Get realtime water management, disease pressure, weed and growth cycle alerts.


Make sure you never miss an opportunity for better yields again.

Integrates with our affordable field sensors

Installed in 30 seconds

Works alongside satellite imagery to go from point measurements to accurate soil moisture maps

Real-time soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature and air humidty insights

Prioritize based on risk

Automatic risk detection based on scouting and measurements

Our algorithm calculates a risk index score within different categories such as water management, disease pressure, growth and more.


Going beyond graphs and statistics, these categorized assessments provide you with a quick overview of where your attention is needed first.

Combined insights

Integrating different sources, the platform is able to generate combined insights

Sensor, scouting, weather, satellite and other data sources are coming together in the Farm21 platform. Providing you with actionable insights you can use with confidence. 

API to connect with your own system

Use our API to integrate your own software

Using our application programming interface, you are able to connect Farm21 data to your own systems.


Providing you with the flexibility to create or use your own specific software.

Not a programmer? No worries, you can always export all of the Farm21 data to Excel.



Setup rules and let the Farm21 assistant warn you about potential problems. Never be too late again.

Satellite insights

Get daily or weekly satellite image updates. Proving insights about growth, moisture and crop stress over a large area.


Use the Farm21 app to create scouting reports. Adding real-time risk assessments for your fields to get priorities straight.