Data for every field trial measured consistently

Farm21 makes you the agricultural researcher that knows all the variables.

Ran a field trial in the past and couldn't benchmark field to field because of different data gathering methods? No more, with Farm21's data platform and low cost field sensors that monitor your trial side 24/7 and provide consistent and accurate data.

Automatically gather consistent metadata during field trials to discover insights and correlations.

Get the objective data you need to draw well-founded conclusions and stop the guesswork.

Easy to use hardware and software to gather sensor, satellite, scouting and weather insights in seconds.

Export and analyse data with the Farm21 API or Excel export to run your analysis without any effort.

Low-cost hardware with accurate measurement

Farm21's sensors were built from scratch with affordability and data-accuracy in mind. As a network, they provide you with constant high-resolution and objective insights across multiple fields.

They measure the most critical values for agriculture like soil moisture at multiple depths, soil temperature, air humidity and air temperature.

Hardware build to gather data at scale

Any insight you wished you had year ago

Advanced analysis in the dashboard

Researchers gain sensor, weather, satellite and cultivation insights from one single platform, delivered to one easy-to-interpret dashboard.

Accurate measurements, delivered 24/7, to use in your research. Export data to Excel or our REST API to create your own analysis.

More data than ever before

Gather up to 10x more data than was possible ever before to make sure your research takes all the variables into account. Execute proper benchmarks for all your field trials.

Agriculture Researchers

Access to sensor, weather, satellite and scouting data

Reliable, affordable and regular data-stream

Identify data trends to support research


Easily integrate our hardware into your software with our API

One reliable source for all your sensor information

Minimise hardware support, certification and R&D efforts

Wholesalers & suppliers

Provide a tool your clients need to better use the other products you sell

Offer the latest technology

Expand your offering beyond the traditional


Maintain sustainable practice

Improve efficiency

Cut unnecessary spend

Crop Advisors & Agronomists

Help clients achieve higher yields & cut costs

Respond quicker and keep an overview

Be the farmers most valuable asset

Who needs insights

By listening to farmers, advisors, researchers and analysts we devised a technology ecosystem that brings decision-making to those who need it most. By designing affordable in-the-field sensors, we can supply 10x more data than any other provider

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One easy-to-use platform for all your scouting reports, the perfect place to log and share insights with external stakeholders

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Recognized and trusted by some of the world’s best agricultural researchers.

Why Farm21

Best in class support and onboarding

Quick return on investment

Up to 10x more data than other suppliers

Easy to use hardware, installed in 30 seconds

Low-cost hardware to measure more critical field data for less

Easily share data between Farm21 users or with stakeholders

Brings sensor, scouting, weather and satellite data together

Build your own interface on-top of our API