Agricultural Water Management

Best Practices

Knowing when, where and how much to irrigate can reduce costs and increase crop yields. Using tools like sensors, weather forecasts and satellite imagery can help to gain a grip on your water. Learn about using the tools available to get the most out of your fields.

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Water management webinar topics

Here’s what you can expect to learn from this webinar:

  • Why farmers are turning to technology to help them optimise water usage
  • The advantages of precision water management
  • Water risk assessments based on water retention curves
  • How users can practically benefit from better water management
  • Case study examples
  • Agricultural water management tools needed to make fact-based irrigation decisions

Tools mentioned during the webinar

We will go over the different tools you have available as a farmer, researcher or crop advisor to improve your water management practices in real time.


During this webinar, our experts will share their in-depth understanding of water management for farmers.
Precision farming tools will be featured in the webinar to help growers manage their water use more effectively.

Dutch Webinar Speaker

Bas Alderding

Co-founder and commercial director, Farm21

Dutch Webinar Speaker

Jits Riepma

Precision agriculture expert and data analyst

Spanish Webinar Speaker

Juan Rebori

Spain and Latin America Partnership Manager

English Webinar Speaker

Dewald de Vos

USA and South Africa Partnership Manager

English Webinar Speaker

Maximilian Freier

Technology Advisor for the Food & Agriculture industry

Ready to learn how to manage water usage, save resources and increase yields?

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