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The Farm21 soil sensor measures: relative air humidity (percentage of moisture in relation to the maximum moisture percentage of the air for this temperature), air temperature, soil temperature at -10cm, (FS21 has an additional sensor at -20cm) and soil moisture at depth -10cm, -20cm and -30cm.

Relative Humidity Accuracy @25°C (20%RH to 80%RH): ±2 %RH

Accuracy temperature soil and air: ±1°C or better.‍

Soil moisture: this depends on how the sensor is placed and whether the right soil type is selected. In general a soil moisture accuracy of +/-3% can be achieved when the required installation procedure is followed.

Depends on the type of crops, the consistency of your field and the amount of granularity/accuracy you would like. Usually we advice an average of 1 sensor per 1.5ha. But in some cases you need a lot less or more. Contact us and we will give you the best advice we can.

For the FS21: You can find an instruction video here or have a look at the FS21 installation guide.

For the FS11: You can find an instruction video here or have a look at the Farm21 installation guide.

No, this sensor is designed to have the upper part above the soil. Each sensor has a depth indication line that tells you how far to place the sensor in the soil.

Yes. Our FS21 sensors have a GPS tracker, but during the installation process the systems stores your smartphone’s current location as the sensor location as well. In the platform the location of the sensor can be adjusted when incorrect or when the sensor is moved to another spot.

The answer to this question is twofold; after heavy rain the air surrounding the humidity sensor still contains moisture, it takes some time to diffuse. The other factor lies in the wet soil moisture, water evaporating from the moisture creates a high humidity zone close to the soil.

For the FS21: Rechargeable 5500mah battery (can be charged over USB-C)

For the FS11: a standard 3.0V CR123A battery (also known under the following names: CR123, 17345 and 16340).

Depending on weather conditions, antenna distance and type of connectivity (NB-IoT and LTE-M are best) the battery should last about a year.

All data is transmitted encrypted.

As soon as a battery is placed inside the Farm21 soil sensor, it will attempt to connect with the network. Once a secure data connection is obtained, the sensor will transmit data once every hour. If the sensor is outside reach for the network, data will not show up in the data platform. Consider the installation of a dedicated gateway in order to improve network coverage.

At this point in time only Farm21 sensors can be added to the dashboard. Feel free to leave a feature request if you think this should be possible.

Automatically redirecting the data for the Farm21 sensor is possible on request. Feel free to contact us.

Yes, all data can be exported to common formats. We also have

We do not have a limit on the maximum number of sensors. The Farm21 platform scales with you.

We offer connectivity 140+ countries accross the globe. Including Europe, USA, Canada, most of South America, Russia, most of Asia, Australia, and some countries in Africa.

You can deactivate a sensor by navigating to the Sensors page on the Farm21 platform:

  • Click on ‘edit’ of the sensor you want to delete
  • On the bottom, you select ‘Unlock sensor from the field and deactivate sensor’

Your license starts the moment you have linked your sensor to your account. The subscription is on a yearly basis and is renewed automatically if you don’t deactivate your sensor. When you have linked your sensors on different days, the subscriptions will not be charged at the same moment. You can find an overview of all your licences on the My account page > Payments > Licences.

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