Our Solution

Pinpoint accurate insights brought to you via our low-cost field sensors, weather, scouting app and satellite imagery.

A digital platform for growers, crop advisors and researchers that brings together sensorsatellite, weather, and scouting data.

The sensor part is powered by our propriatary low-cost devices giving our users access to up to 10x more data than ever before, at a price they can afford.


An integration with satellite, weather and scouting data will make sure you never miss anything.

Low-cost sensors measure in realtime

Affordable and scalable, Farm21 in-field sensors measure and deliver regular readings, straight from your fields.

FREE Ultimate Guide to Precision Farming

Agriculture Researchers

Access to sensor, weather, satellite and scouting data

Reliable, affordable and regular data-stream

Identify data trends to support research


Easily integrate our hardware into your software with our API

One reliable source for all your sensor information

Minimise hardware support, certification and R&D efforts

Wholesalers & suppliers

Provide a tool your clients need to better use the other products you sell

Offer the latest technology

Expand your offering beyond the traditional


Maintain sustainable practice

Improve efficiency

Cut unnecessary spend

Crop Advisors & Agronomists

Help clients achieve higher yields & cut costs

Respond quicker and keep an overview

Be the farmers most valuable asset

Who needs insights

By listening to farmers, advisors, researchers and analysts we devised a technology ecosystem that brings decision-making to those who need it most. By designing affordable in-the-field sensors, we can supply 10x more data than any other provider

How our sensors compare

About 4 to 8 times more affordable than the competition to enable pinpoint accurate data from all of your fields.