December 18, 2019

Sensor update #Dec 2019

Ready for launch

After a year of designing, prototypes and countless tests we proudly present the final version of our sensor. We have finalized the design and are ready for launch.

The result; a durable, high quality but affordable field sensor for fine-grid field monitoring.


Clever design

We've incorporated some clever design solutions, which have reduced the amount of parts drastically, but haven't reduced the quality of the measurements.

Besides that all important electronics are safely protected against, meaning out of reach of water and dirt. The features of our sensor can be found here. Interested in the full specs of our sensor? We have a spec sheet available.


The timing could not be better; we're starting (mass)production right now, which means our products will be available before the 2020 growing season starts.

If you want to order our products and be part of the upcoming batch please let us know soon, so you'll receive our solution in time.

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