Product updates
January 29, 2020

New platform features #Jan 2020

We got some awesome new features and fixed some bugs this month. We will keep updating regularly to ensure Farm21 will become the smartest Agri decision platform on the market.

Graphs: more context, quick select

We updated the graphs section of the platform so it defaults to an overview of your data. This will show you the correlation between the six different values the sensor measures.

We also added the ability to quick select the data range you would like.

Organizations: authorise and collaborate

We designed Farm21 from scratch to improve collaboration between crop consultants, agronomists and their clients. This is why we now introduced authorizations. Growers can  authorise their consultants to view their data for data analysis or remote support. It's as simple as filling in an email. In this new update we improved this function, with a clear overview and better usability.

Working with multiple people on your farm? Invite your colleagues to your organization. This wil centralize billing and administration. Also want them to be able to view the sensors in your own account? Use the new authorisation feature to give them access.

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