December 18, 2019

New platform features #Dec 2019


Last few months we gave our platform some extra love and care. The first components of our smart farming assistant are up and running, and the with a fresh look we are ready for the big launch in 2020.

Our clients experience clear overviews, notifications and easy monitoring, making them always aware of the status of their fields.

Warning system

Our warning system allows you to set MIN and MAX values for each reading. Whenever a reading reaches the set values a warning is created. Warnings will be sent to your medium of choice.

This allows you to be always aware of when action is required.

Warnings for all readings.


Our new Authorization feature allows you as farmer to share your data with others. Whether it is your crop advisor, your colleague or your neighbor, you are in control of your own data.

Invite anyone.

A single user can be authorized for multiple other accounts. This allows monitoring of multiple production sites, clients or suppliers.

Multiple accounts can be viewed with multiple authorizations.

Our platform improves with new features on regular basis and becomes smarter with every update. We have big plans for next year.

Interested in all the features of our platform? Visit the platform page on our website.

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