Product updates
February 25, 2020

New platform features #Feb 2020

In this short month we focused on improving existing features. This included some bug fixes as well as improved functionalities.

Better graphs

The way our graphs are rendered is updated. With this came a different way of calculating the group average. The result: fewer unnecessary fluctuations and a more precise average.

We also worked on a bug where occasionally the displayed value of the graphs did not correspond with the value on the axes. The final fix was a - simple but sometimes overlooked - server update. Not all issues are linked to code.


The most improvements this month are found in the mobile layout of our platform. Users accessing on their phones have now an even better experience.


We also build the foundation for some upcoming features. This requires some changes to the database, but as regular user you won't notice any difference. What the new features are, will be revealed in future updates!

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