July 1, 2020


Sensor 1000!

We offer accurate digital grower insights with affordable sensors. Our vision is to include every farmer worldwide in the digitalization of agriculture. This is becoming quickly more reality.

Half a year after starting production we've reached our 1000th sensor! From 100 to 1000 in half a year. A nice milestone which shows the progress in the early stages of our company. We predict that the next 1000 sensor will follow a lot quicker, though.

Our 1000th sensor

Half a million data records

All those sensors bring in large amount of data. Recently we've created the 500.000th record in our database. This is far from the amounts of data we will get in the future, but it's a nice chunk. It allows us to make the next steps with our smart platform.

What do we do with that data?

Let's first mention that we only use this data anonymously, and never farm or user-specific agricultural information; that data belongs to the farmer. The anonymized data we use for improvements and as input for the creation of new platform features.

For instance, we are currently working on soil moisture predictions, where we use the historic sensor dataset to train our machine learning models. These models analyze the data and look for trends. By enriching the dataset with local weather data we can make an accurate soil moisture prediction for the next few days.

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