January 29, 2020

International expansion

Since the beginning of 2020 we have been focusing on international expansion. Although we have plenty to gain in the Netherlands, our solution is just as easy to deploy anywhere else as it is here. We are seeing huge demands for a smart farming product with our price point. Sensors starting at 800 euros are so 2019.

Traction beyond The Netherlands

We are glad to announce that we now already have clients in Tanzania, Kenya, India, North Macedonia, Slovenia, The United Kingdom and Switzerland. These are all potential distributors or large growers that see the value of affordable field sensors combined with the Farm21 smart farming platform.

Different uses of the Farm21 platform and sensor

After talking to a lot of clients we realized that there are even more uses for the sensor than we originally thought. Apart from yield improvements or cost reduction, some of the other use cases we did not expect include:

  • Use in orchards
  • Use in covered fields
  • Monitoring the growth cycle of seedlings or crops to select the best variants
  • Big farms use it to coach their employees to better irrigate
  • Monitoring of multiple remote fields that are not visited that often
  • Use in indoor farming/green houses


We partnered with companies that are already in contact with growers. They extend their services to clients by giving them data driven (remote) support. This not only improves accuracy of their support, but increases the clients loyalty and revenue in the end. Interested in a partnership? Be sure to look at our partnership page.

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Sander Dekker
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