February 24, 2020

Graduate Intern Roel

I am Roel

I'm a student at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences where I am studying: “Creative Media and Game Technologies”. The study is a spin off from “Media Technology”. Within this track I chose the more technical path. I'm learning different coding challenges with a multitude of languages, to be a -as versatile as possible- developer. This allows me to easily adapt to new languages and new ways of working. A bit of design and technical philosophy is also part of the program. The reason why I am at Farm21 is to make my final assignment (thesis) here.

A bit more about myself, currently I am 20 years old and living in Rotterdam. I like coding, gaming and going out with my friends so in the weekends you can always find me in the city or behind my laptop/computer. You can also find me in the crowd of concerts.

My assignment is: “How can we give farmers the best advice based on the sensor data and external datasets?“. In this assignment I will look at the sensors of Farm21 and how we can give advices for the farmers. Like for example: “How much water does a crop need at a certain time?“. A big part is to also look at how to implement other data sources, needed to make these predictions. All these data sets need to be combined to in a well-organised database.

The most critical point of my assignment is the scalability of the software. With the speed Farm21 is growing, scalable software solutions are key. During the development I will always keep in mind how the application will work if there are 20.000 sensors connected to the system.

I chose Farm21 because the assignment sounded very interesting and challenging. I know how to work with data but it's new for me to combine this kind of data sources. For me it is also interesting to work within a startup, so I can compare the working environment to other I worked for in the past.

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