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Working to help solve the global food crisis.

Software innovates agriculture. In every step in the food production chain data is driving daily decisions. Farm21 focuses on optimizing farming processes pre-sowing until post-harvest. We use machine learning and algorithms to analyze data from our own sensors, integrated third party data and user feedback. Our Farm21 assistant provides farmers with advice on actions needed for optimal crop growing conditions. This results in less waste of valuable resources, optimal land use and better livelihood for farmers. That is the power of our IT.

We use our solution to optimize all farms across the world, including smallholder farmers. They are responsible for 80% of the food consumed in developing countries. We believe that they too need to be part of the digitalization of agriculture in order to solve the world food crisis. We help to increase their yields, providing them with a better income and the world with more food.

At Farm21 we operate in a small team, enabling us to develop new ideas quickly and innovate where we can. Our platform is the core of our company, making developers indispensable. Development of new features improves continuously due to our Agile way of working. Our developers are directly in contact with users and research partners, working together to achieve the main goal of feeding the world in 2050.

We’re reinventing our industry. We recently launched our solution which is spreading like wildfire. Sales has doubled our expectations. The farming industry is yearning for our products.

This is how it works.

As one of the first developers for Farm21 you are comfortable learning new things and working through stuff yourself. Since our team is small you help to build the foundation of Farm21’s DevOps. Show us that you’re good, and we’ll trust you to decide how something should work and when you’re going to do it. What you develop should always be meaningful. Therefore, you help to translate user needs into platform improvements.

As Farm21 is a spin-off of software company 7Lab, we are supported by their team of skilled developers. They know all ins and outs of our platform and current development process, since they developed the greater part of our platform so far.

Reasons you want to join Farm21.

You want to work at Farm21 because we are a small team that is open to new ideas and iterates quickly. Fast progress and room for mistakes, which we then solve together. Also, you are never mindlessly doing one single task for days on end. Variety is key. 

At Farm21 we always have the customer's needs in mind. This keeps us focussed and on track. If you want to spend weeks on developing features that never make it live, you don’t want to work at Farm21.

We are social in the way we work together. We have our weeklies and our daily huddles, but we’re always there to discuss with and help each other.

We are social in the way we do business. Aiming to optimize one of the most valuable industries in the world, with the goal of contributing to solving the world food crisis ahead.

We have fun Friday afternoon drinks, a modern office, young & enthusiastic team and quite often fun company trips.

We value non-working hours. We rarely exceed the 40 hours workweek and on the off chance that we do, we make sure to treat ourselves with pizza & drinks or a decent breakfast. Also, we offer five weeks of paid leave (based on 40 hours workweek). Go and see the world, or go on staycation. Just don’t work when you're off, we won’t allow you.

We’re open to discuss working hours, or “working from home” days.


  • We’re located in Amsterdam. Our office is very accessible by public transport. If you don’t live close we can help you with your daily commute.
  • Being able to speak Dutch is not necessary.
  • A daily freshly prepared lunch is on us.
  • We have standing desks. But if you prefer you can also sit down (We mostly sit down anyway).

What we ask from you.

  • Bachelor degree or higher.
  • Experience with Laravel and/or JavaScript is key. Knowledge of the other techniques is a plus. Some techniques we use: Laravel, Laravel Horizon, JavaScript (Angular, Vue), Docker, Rest API's and Bootstrap.
  • You can find yourself working in the Farm21 environment described above.

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