4 times more affordable when compared to other solutions

Deploy a network of low-cost sensors to increase yields, save on resources and grow more sustainably

The sensors come with the Farm21 platform that offers actionable insights from different sources like sensor, weather and scouting data to help your crops thrive.
30 second installation
Up and running in no-time. Calibration and connectivity is taken care of automatically.
Fine-grid data
Know every corner of your field. Never be too late again if your crops are in need of your attention.
Actionable insights
Sensor, scouting and weather data combined in an online platform to provide actionable insights.

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Sensor and weather conditions
Scouting dashboard - showing field reports from crop advisors and farm employees
Farm21 mobile app for field insights and scouting on the go
Satellite imagery and fields overview
Precision farming platform included

All your farm data in a single platform

Condition measurements with sensors, scouting information from visual inspections, weather and satellite give you a 360 degree view of your crops.
Working with growers, advisors, researchers, and agronomists

Other customers that work with us

“Buyers within the supply chain want to know more and more about what is happening on the land, data can provide that insight. Growers can therefore offer extra added value to their customers with tools like Farm21, and grow more crops and save on resources while they are at it.”
Ko Francke
General manager at CZAV (farmer cooperative)

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Smart precision farming has never been so accessible. Buy our starter pack to start right away.
“Farm21 helps us give our farmers better advice, save on costs and improve yields. It makes our services more scalable and growers love the insights.”
Sander Dekker
Crop consultant precision farming