Use smart farming sensors and precision farming platforms to optimize your farming performance.

Increase yields, save on resources and grow more sustainably by adopting precision farming into your daily routine

Keep an eye on every corner of your fields and never miss a thing. Cultivate with confidence and make sure you improve every year. Want to know more about precision farming? Join our newsletter!
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Know what's happening in every corner of your field, all the time

Why go into smart farming?

Use sensors to gather real-time field insights and spot problems before they happen.
Automate disease pressure calculations, spot water shortages and improve yields year over year.
Take a deep dive into your crops by increasing the resolution of information from your fields.
Get to know every corner of your field. Sensors and satellite imagery can monitor constantly.
Correlate data from different sources and generate actionable insights.
Analyse sensor, scouting, yield and weather data to spot trends and discover potential bottlenecks
Sensor and weather conditions
Scouting dashboard - showing field reports from crop advisors and farm employees
Farm21 mobile app for field insights and scouting on the go
Satellite imagery and fields overview
Farm21: smart farming platform

Sensor, scouting, weather and satellite data in one single platform

Analyse trends, trigger alerts, centralize field scouting information, compare season over season and work together with crop advisors or customers to improve farming practices on every aspect.
Working with growers, advisors, researchers, and agronomists

Other companies that work with Farm21 as their precision farming platform

“Buyers within the supply chain want to know more and more about what is happening on the land, data can provide that insight. Growers can therefore offer extra added value to their customers with tools like Farm21, and grow more crops and save on resources while they are at it.”
Ko Francke
General manager at CZAV (farmer cooperative)

Get some sensors to get into precision farming before the next season starts

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“Farm21 helps us give our farmers better advice, save on costs and improve yields. It makes our services more scalable and growers love the insights.”
Sander Dekker
Crop consultant precision farming